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Moving With Elderly Parents

Moving is a challenge even for young, energetic families. But when you are faced with a residential move of an aging parent, the challenges are compounded. Even those who get along swimmingly with their parents will find this a stressful situation.

The first step is to have an open and honest discussion with your parents and other family members when planning a move of this magnitude, whether they are moving to a retirement community or downsizing to a smaller house, says Caregiver.

Here’s how to make the move easier with elderly parents.

Be Prepared: Role Reversal

If you’re moving your parents from one home to another, expect a bit of role reversal during the process. Whereas you’ve always been the kid and they’ve been the disciplinarians, you may find those roles switching. This is particularly true if your parents have limited mobility or cognitive challenges.

You’ll have to step up and take charge. It can be scary but it’s quite common, so embrace your new role. Of course, your parents may not embrace this role reversal with open arms, so be prepared for some resistance as they take a back seat. Know that they will get stressed and tempers may flare, but keep a calm head and forge on.

Allow Time For the Transition

The more time you can devote to the transition, the better. No one likes change, especially the elderly, and when it’s too fast, it can be overwhelming. If you can, start the planning process months in advance. The best way to start is by slowly decluttering their house. If you do it all at once, they will get stressed.

Start cleaning, tossing, donating and selling items now so you can don’t have to move all those items later. Take it one room at a time, at a pace that works for them. Anything they don’t use but still want, put in storage – such as mementoes, photos, yearbooks, wedding albums and more.

Visit the New Place

If possible, bring your parents to their new home before the move. This will help them get acclimated so they can check out the amenities and nearby attractions.

Hire Professionals Movers

In any move, it’s always a good idea to have impartial, third-party movers on hand to take care of the logistics and heavy stuff. Professionals make the process go smoothly, as they can move things along and make sure everything gets done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Safety is important when it comes to older mobility-challenged people, so let the movers handle the big stuff. You may even decide to bring your elderly parents elsewhere the day of the move. Perhaps a sibling or a friend can take them out of the house for the day so they don’t get overwhelmed or get in the way.

This way, you can be in charge of supervising the movers so the process is coordinated and well-executed.

Pack Favorite Items Carefully

Your elderly parents probably have been holding onto many treasured things that they have formed an attachment to over the years. Go through them together and decide how you want to pack or store these important items. You don’t want anything to break, as they are precious heirlooms that can’t be replaced.


If your parents are moving to a smaller place, you will have to do some major downsizing. Create an inventory of what your parents have, and what will fit in the new space. You will both have to have a conversation about what to do with the things that can’t make the move. Take measurements of furniture to see what will be able to fit.

Preparation Makes Any Move Easier!

Moving can be stressful for everyone, but especially for elders. A move of this magnitude is symbolic and is a sign of things to come. Be patient, follow the above tips, and start planning early to ensure no one gets stressed out, sad or angry. If you do hit a roadblock, take a break and start up again the next day when everyone is refreshed.

Contact Almighty Movers

If you have a senior move coming up, let our local Medford Oregon movers help. To start, call us at 541-864-0100. We can help you prepare, let you know what to expect, and outline the services that may be most helpful to all of you


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