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About the Almighty Movers ™

About Us

Almighty Movers™ is a company based in the heart of Southern Oregon. We are dedicated to providing top-quality moving help to our community members and commercial businesses alike. Here at Almighty Movers, we offer a range of labor including, but not limited to, packing, loading, unloading, rearranging, and much more. Our commitment is founded on the principle that each person or company is valued as such that moving is pleasant, organized, and highly-efficient.

Our Mission is to provide our community with a moving help experience that brings everybody joy. We aim to break the stigma by offering ease of flexible services, pledging justified pricing, and showcasing a consistent pattern of professional perfection. 

Meet The Owner

Meet the Almighty Movers™ Owner


"Moving is my passion. It's my dream to bring extreme dedication and true integrity to Southern Oregon. Doing what I love to help people in a community that has given me so much is an absolute honor."

  Justin A. 

Justin A. Johnston

Justin A. Johnston moved to Medford, OR in 2015 from Oahu, Hawaii. His adventurous spirit brought him to the Rogue Valley on a search to integrate into a community that he could settle down in. He is Southern U.S. native who has traveled across the country countless times throughout his life. In 2016, Justin began his career in the moving industry working for another local moving help company. In 2017, he partnered with his former colleague to launch a successful moving company which became a stepping stone for his current vision. In 2019, Justin launched Almighty Movers, LLC™ in honor of his son.


The Almighty Movers™ Methodology

There are plenty of reasons to hire a moving help service. For instance, professional movers save you time, bring accountability, and can even save you money. Medical bills for back pain and broken furniture can really add up! So, you might be wondering how we do it. 

The Almighty Movers™ have a system in place for every item you need moved. Here are a few:

  • Large Furniture is disassembled for transport, when necessary, wrapped in stretch wrap, and strategically placed to soften the movement of the moving truck. Any item past arm length requires a team lift. 

  • Appliances are carefully unattached per manufacturer instruction. If the appliances require disassembly for safe travels, the appliance is wrapped in stretch wrap and the pieces are safely kept together during transport. They are then reassembled and attached all the same.

  • If an item is prone to scratching, and/or punctures it is wrapped in stretch wrap and/or moving blankets.

  • Our crew members wear gloves for added grip and protection.

  • We have an experienced, artful eye which allows us to take advantage of every nook and cranny of truck space. We fill hollowed voids, angle everything just right, and stack responsibly so that we can execute top-quality service.

  • Per special request, we will even use floor runners to protect your floors and moving blankets to protect your railings and door frames.

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